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Zeppelin LZ-74 (Navy No. L.32), Fabric and debris

Section of fabric with gray printed pattern of lines and doped, measuring 35 in. x 14.5 in.. On the back is written 'part of covering of Zepp L32 that fell in flames in Billericay This & other pieces like it also quantities of burned & charred material including small bits of aluminium picked up in the fields at Peadowns principally in Peadown field.’ LZ-74 was a Super Zeppelin of the R-Class and had Navy No. L.32.  It flew 11 missions including 3 air raids over Britain and was brought down by a BE.2c of 39 Home Defense Squadron near Great Burstead in Essex. Billericay was 1.75 miles north of Great Burstead. Frame not included. 

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