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The Wreckage of an Albatros D.V Scout

This is the wreckage of a single Albatros D.V brought down over Flanders by a Belgian plane which was most likely either (a) Aviation Militaire Belge pilot G.Lallemand and observer H.Cornelius who shot down Adolf Techow of Jasta 7 on 22- October-1917 or Jan Olieslagers who shot down Andreas Triebswetter of Jasta 16b on 19-May-1918. We know that this was one of the 462 Albatros D.V aircraft that had wings covered in printed lozenge camouflage fabric because of fabric remaining under the upper wing's cabane attachment fittings. Note that this aircraft was a D.V, not a D.Va. Some parts are shown in more detail under the "Aircraft parts" section.

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