Rumpler Dataplate

This typenschild or aircraft data plate is for a Rumpler RuBild C.VII, serial number MB 4028/18, and measures 125mm x 22mm, longer than the typical data plate which was 100 mm x 22 mm.  The "Ru" in RuBild stands for "Rumpler" and "Bild" is the German word for "Photo." The MB in the serial number block stands for "Maybach," the type of engine the aircraft used.  The second photo shows (a) a typical data plate above (b) the dataplate in this lot above (c) another example from the Ken Smith Collection from World War One Aeroplanes, May 1996, No. 152, page 77.  German aircraft makers were required to provide aircraft with a manufacturer's data plate which provided the manufacturer's "werk" number as well as an army data plate, which provided the serial number given to the aircraft by the military; this is the army data plate. Data plates were mounted on each side of the fuselage, usually near the nose, as well as elsewhere on the aircraft, such as on the wings. This lot includes the one data plate in the first photo.