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Rumpler Dataplate

This typenschild or aircraft data plate is for a Rumpler RuBild C.VII, serial number Mb 4028/18, and measures 125mm x 22mm, longer than the typical data plate which was 100 mm x 22 mm.  The "Ru" in RuBild stands for "Rumpler" and "Bild" is the German word for "Photo." The Mb in the serial number block stands for "Maybach," the type of engine the aircraft used.  The third photo shows, from top to bottom, a typical data plate above, Mb 4028/18 and then MB 3236/18.  Mb 4028/18 was ordered in July, 1918.  The photo of the observer standing up in his cockpit is Mb 3208/18 which was ordered in May, 1918.

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