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Rumpler C.IV C.7610/17 wood cover to metal ammunition box

This wood panel is the access cover to the ammunition box for the fixed forward-firing machine gun on a Rumpler C.IV located just in front of the pilot's right foot. A note came attached to the panel which read “Panel from German Rumpler C.IV plane shot down near St. Benoit Woevre, France by Battery B, 2nd aircraft battalion, C.A.C., 18 October 1918. George H. Brush, 1st Lt.CAC.” The C.A.C. was the U.S. Coastal Artillery Corps and their job was anti-aircraft work. In a book about the life of this particular battery, Battery B Thru The Fires of France, the action that brought down this Rumpler is told with great fervor on Pages 177 to 179, click on the first link below to read it. A copy of the captured Rumpler crew's interrogation report is available by clicking on the second link below.

Click here to read section of book.      Click here to read interrogation report.