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R.N.A.S. Wing

This is the early, two-piece Royal Naval Air Service wing.  As Warren Carroll describes it in Eagles Recalled Air Force Wings of Canada, Great Britain and the British Commonwealth 1913-1945, Page 41, top, "This is the die cast wing in gilt metal, authorized July 1, 1914 ... The body and head are superimposeed on the wings and carefully soldered so it almost looks like it was one piece.  Note the space between the wing and back on the reverse..." This was the first of three versions and not many exist.  The eagle and crown worn on the cuff of the R.A.F. sleeve at the end of the war is often mistaken for this wing.  Aeroconservancy has two of these wings and this one we think belonged to an early entrant, Ronald Francis Redpath, who, according to the 24 Dec 1915 edition of Flight, page 1003, "... entered as Probationary flight SubLieutenants, for temporary service, and appointed to 'President,' additional, for R.N.A.S., to date as stated: ... R.F. Redpath."  He is seen below first in his RAeC certificate photograph dated 8 Feb 1916 and then at Coudequerke next to a Sopwith 11/2 Strutter (courtesy of Stuart Leslie) and in June, 1917, at Guizancourt.  Redpath served in 3(N) Squadron which became 203 Squadron.

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