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R.F.C. Canadian Volunteer's Group, Served in 43 Squadron

Lt. Clarence Albert Mitchell “crashed on landing” flying Sopwith Camel D.1814 on 17 April 1918 while serving with No. 43 Squadron, R.A.F., according to The Camel File, p 113.  The squadron was based at Avenges-le-Comte at the time.  Mitchell was born in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in 1896.  His medals and insignia are illustrated along with his photograph on page 33 of Eagles Recalled by Warren Carroll.   His cap badge was made by J.R.Gaunt & Son Ltd and is the 1918 issue with crown, eagle and laurel wreath in silver, on woolen melton with metal backing.  His shoulder epaulets are the whipcord ‘slip over’ type, each with a brass ‘Canada’ nationality title and two officer’s ‘pips’ for the rank of lieutenant with red enamel on the annulus.    The Aeroconservancy has his cap badge and epaulets but not his wings, buttons or medals.

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