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R.F.C. Armband, unattached

R.F.C. Staff Officer’s armband or brassard, 1916-17.  This is the third version of the staff officer’s armband.  This particular one is not attached and must have been held in place at the grommet holes.  It has a War Department or "WD" stamp and, in this case, it is stamped "1916" so it is more like the second version introduced in February, 1916, which added the initials.  These armbands can be seen in the four contemporary photos below, beginning with a cropped photo of A & C flights of No. 57 Squadron showing an observer wearing the armband; the next photo shows the Chaplain of No. 40 Squadron, Padre Keymer, followed by an Area Intelligence Officer wearing the armband and lastly a photo of Trenchard - with Maurice Baring to the right - with other others including one on the left wearing the armband.  Notice how the armbands always are worn on the right arm. The very last image is of the 2nd version.

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