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Pfalz D.XII No. 2690/18 Fabric

This is a piece of 5-color under-surface lozenge fabric removed from the underside of the left side of the upper wing of Pfalz D.XII D.2690/18 when restored by Jean Salis in 1952. The piece measures approximately 29 in. x 7 in. or 74 cm x 18 cm.  The narrow strip of five color upper lozenge on the left side of the fabric is from the leading edge of the wing where the darker upper surface fabric meets the lighter under surface fabric. Along the lower right edge one can see the remains of lozenge rib tape. The large hole is where the fabric wrapped around the front interplane strut and the grayish ruby reinforcing patch next to the front strut hole is “to protect the undersurface fabric when adjusting and fitting the front flying wire,” according to Dan-San Abbott, whose water-color locating the fabric on his pattern of 5-color lozenge is shown below.  He adds that the oriental blue patch in the lower right corner alongside the rib tape is “a protective strip for the fabric when adjusting and fitting the rear flying wire.” Pfalz D.XII D.2690/18 has been part of the collection of the Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace in Paris since the First World War.  The four photos shown are of  D.2690/18

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