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LVG C.VI Aileron Undersurface Fabric

This is a piece of German printed camouflage 4-color under-surface 'lozenge' fabric from the left aileron of an L.V.G. C.VI. This piece was tucked under a piece of upper-surface fabric where that fabric wrapped around the edge of the aileron.  Because it was under another piece of fabric, its colors have suffered little color loss and are almost exactly as printed.  Originally one piece, the fabric is now in two pieces with the break about one-third of the length on the left side. The 3rd photo shows a magnified, one inch wide section of the fabric with 56 threads to the inch.  The 4th photo shows the reverse side of the left end of the strip where there are rust marks from nail heads. Overall measurement is 42 in. by 2-3/8 in. or 107 cm by 6 cm. 

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