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R.N.A.S. Cap of the Handley Page Pilot who Bombed Frankfurt

Thomas Ethelred Welby Browne - Brownie - flew Handley Page No. 1466 on missions over Germany with No. 16 Squadron, R.N.A.S., formerly "A" Squadron, and finally renumbered 216 Squadron, R.A.F., part of Trenchard's "Independent Force." In "My Most Thrilling Flight" - the fourth issue of the flying magazine Popular Flying for July, 1932 - he wrote about his mission bombing Frankfurt on 21 August 1918 and narrowly averting death as his bomber crash-landed.  The first page of his article was found folded-over and tucked inside the brim.  His biography, The Skyline is a Promise, is also shown below along with the text of his article.  After the war he was Headmaster of the Cadet School Ship HMS Conway and is seen below with Prince Philip.  The Imperial War Museum has a number of artifacts from his bomber.

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