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Guynemer's Notes to Jacques Mortane About his Crash Sept 23, 1916

Mid-day on the 23rd of September, 1916, over Roye Georges Guynemer shot-down three German aircraft within three minutes – of which he was credited with two - when he was unceremoniously knocked out of the sky by a shell from a French battery.  Plummeting at 180 kilometers per hour from a height of 3,000 meters, his aircraft hit the ground and flipped over but, other than a bruised knee, he was not hurt and credited this to the quality of his seat harness and solidity of his new Spad VII.   The publisher and chief reporter of La Guerre Aérienne Illustrée, Jacques Mortane, interviewed Guynemer back at his airfield and got him to autograph his notes which are seen here along with a photo of Guynemer after the crash and with his friend, Georges Madon.  From the collection of Emile Lassalle.  This lot includes everything shown here including the Guynemer / Madon photo.

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