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German ID to Otto Arnold Hermann Buschow, 1899-1958

This is a German identification book identified on the outside cover as “Deutschland Flugzeugführer.”  On the interior left page is added by hand the I.D. number “5545” followed by the pilot's name, “Hermann Buschow,” and a birthdate of “28. Sept. 1899” below which is added “Zweidecker” and on the same line “Biplan” indicating what type of aircraft he is authorized to fly followed by an issue date of “12. Juli 1918.”  On the right page it is signed “Hermann Buschow” under the photo.  The geneology website,, provided his full name and the fact that he was married 24.Mai.1933 in Berlin to Johanna Mathilde Maria Böttcher.  His Führerschein or driver’s license dated 26 November 1926 is also included as well as his Handwerkskarte or craft card from the Handwerkskammer zu frankfurt (Oder) or Chamber of Crafts in Frankfurt (Oder) dated 1944, which are also included.

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