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Escadrille Spa 85 Brevet and Croix Du Guerre 

This is French Brevet B 15014 from a pilot who flew in Escadrille Spa 85 along with his Croix Du Guerre attached to which is a star indicating that he was cited in dispatches and bronze numbers "85" and the ribbin for the French wound badge.   A search of the Journal officiel de la Republique francaise found four pilots cited once with the exception of Pllet, who was sited twice:  Daboville, lieutenant, 23 August 1918 forced a Fokker to land in our lines; Nichols, Sergent, no date given, was attacked by two enemy singleseaters and shot down one in flames (and corrected later to indicate that he accomplished this while serving in Escadrille Spa 85); Pellet,  lieutenant, 1-October-1918 attacked a two seater reconaissance plane and forced it to land in our lines and 2-October-1918 wins his third victory by burning a drachen, 2 citations; Sergent Rousseau, 18 August 1918 knocked down an enemy plane in its lines. on 2-October-1918 a drachen burned.

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