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French Aviator's Tunic, named

This is a well-made, tailored Modèle 1915 bleu horizon tunic of the Aeronautique Militaire complete with aviation winged star Pattes De Collet collar insignia, loops to hold an aviator's brevet over the right breast, and a matching set of French grenadier buttons marked “H.J. Paris," suggesting that this was the pilot's original service.  The Pattes De Collet are reversed, however; it is not known how common this was.  The pilot who wore this tunic was a Sergent as designated by the gold chevron above each cuff which are the later, reduced version of the much larger chevrons worn earlier in the war.  The insignia on the collar tabs measure 44 mm in length (see Bartlett, page 345).  The tailor was "Cook & Co, 23 Rue Auber - Paris" and his label is marked "Seinelaigue" and dated "17.10.1917."     

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