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Insignia of Escadrille N. 90 from the fuselage of a Nieuport

This is a piece – sometimes called a panel - of flown fabric that has been cut from the right side of a Nieuport Type 24, 24 bis or 27 that served in Escadrille Nie. 90; residue on the back of the fabric lines up with the horizontal wood stringers of the Nieuport 24, 24bis and 27 which are spaced approximately 4-1/2" apart.  The exact aircraft may be Nieuport 24 No. 5467 numbered “1” flown by the escadrille's commander, Captain Pierre Weiss, as this specific piece is a close match to a photograph of the insignia on the right side of that aircraft. The panel measures 25-1/8" in height on the left and 23-5/8" on the right and the width along the top is 27-3/4" and along the bottom is 24”. 

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