Changes & Additions

11 December 2018: The Aeroconservancy's site is re-designed and launched
12 December 2018: images and comparison to C.1463/17 added to "Rumpler C.IV Fragment and Fabric" page under "Aircraft Fabric"
13 December 2018: drawing added to Aviatik rudder bar; main page changed from static image to slideshow
17 December 2018: added content to two remaining pages, "R.F.C. Canadian Volunteer’s Group" and "Guynemer’s Notes to Jacques Mortane”
21 January 2019: cite Christophe Cony on "Rumpler C.IV Fragment and Fabric" page under "Aircraft Fabric"

23 January 2019: improved RNAS Wing page, added RAeC photo and photo from Stuart Leslie.

25 January 2019: French Wing pages updated with explanatory text. 

25 January 2019: Contemporary French newspaper photo added to Rumpler fabric page.

26 January 2019: added Facebook icon

7 Feb 2019: revised page about fabric from Richthofen's triplane

14 Feb 2019: Reschke propeller page expanded with text and many photos added

21 Feb 2019: Text "From the Michael Baldwin Collection" added to Zeppelin framework and 5 color undersurface 'lozenge' fabric pages

26 Feb 2019: URL of individual pages updated

27 Feb 2019: Undersurface fabric page updated with better photos