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Box Girder, U.S.S. Akron ZRS-4 lost in storm 1933

This box lattice duraluminum girder is from ZRS-4, the U.S.S. Akron, which was lost at sea in a storm in 1933, possibly from the lower fin when is was damaged in February, 1932.  It measures 17" x 6.25" (41 cm x 14 cm).  From the Joan Reisig Collection.  Mrs. Reisig's obituary explains that she “worked for engineering firms in Cleveland and the Akron area before working for Goodyear Aerospace as a design draftsman in advanced airships. Also, at the Wingfoot Lake Blimp Base for a total of 20 years. She was associated with the Lighter than Air Society” (Akron Beacon Journal, March 25, 2019). It sits on a wood stand which apparently was made for this piece by Mrs. Reisig’s husband, Donald; the underside of the wood base is carved “D.R to J.R” within a heart. 

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