Albatros D.Va (O.A.W.) D.6670/17

This is the forward leg of the port cabane or center-section strut of an Albatros D.Va (O.A.W.) that crashed somewhere in the Meuse-Argonne, most likely in October, 1918.  It was found and mailed home at the end of October, 1918, by an A.E.F. Lieutenant named Leonard G. Strater who was in charge of Salvage Squad No. 6 of the QuarterMaster Corps assigned to the 29th Infantry Division.  The portion of the serial number that can be seen is "_670" and the only possible aircraft has a serial number of 6670/17.   The hand-drawn sketch of an Albatros cabane strut shown below was done by Frank Garove, who documented the restoration of the Smithsonian's Albatros D.Va 'Stropp' D.7161/17 and is of the D.V cabane shown elsewhere on this site.