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Set of Aerial Photos

This is a set of photographs pasted together that were taken from a German Marine observation balloon looking over the Belgium border into the neutral Netherlands just beyond the canal separating the two countries where the canal flows into the North Sea, which can be seen on the left of the photo montage. The document measures 13.5" x 30.5" unfolded. The label glued to the cover reads "Ballonrundbild vom Kiervitte Polder-Zwarte Polder-Cadzand. Aufnahme des Lichtbildtrupps der Mar.-Fesselb.-Abt." and bears the stamp "Kaiserliche Marine Fesselballon-Abteilung."  On the inside, upper left corner is a stamp with the location repeated and the date given of 2 February 1917 with an altitude of 1,100 meters over Siska Karte.  Eddy Lambrecht of Knokke, Belgium, provided the photo in the middle below of the very same balloon which took these photos.  Very poor condition, many rips and tears in brown paper.

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