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A.E.F. Pilot's License, photos and papers

Albert C. Cline was born 12-Sept-1892 in Millerton, N.Y.. He studied forestry at Syracuse and was a cadet in the R.O.T.C. and attended the School of Military Aeronautics at Cornell University graduating 17-October-1917.  He sailed 2-October-1917 and received his commission 8-June-1918.  He is on the list of students at the 3rd A.I.C. at Issoudun, Student numbers 622 and 1224.  Alan Toelle explains "Cline’s Record of Flying Instruction indicates he was at 2nd AIC Tours as of March 9, 1918, and was at 3rd AIC Issoudun as of June 23, 1918. So, he was one of the unlucky ones that were sent to Tours because there was not enough room at Issoudun. These cadets had student numbers assigned in Issoudun’s sequence, but do not appear on any actual Issoudun Field records until they returned from Tours. Since they were trained on Caudrons at Tours, that did not prepare them to fly Nieuports at Issoudun. So, they basically had to start all over." His Record of Flying Instruction records on the cover that he was at 2nd AIC March 9, 1918, and at 3rd AIC June 23, 1918.  In the large group photo captioned "Part of the Syracuse Bunch at Madison Barracks" he is in the second row from the front, third from the left. After the war, he received his Masters in Forestry from Harvard in 1923 and was the director of the Harvard Forest.  

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