Bomb Carrier from Zeppelin LZ.85

This is a bomb carrier made of duralumin.  It swings from its hinged mount.  The photo above is from Flugsport and from that originates the drawing above and they detail a type of bomb carrier used on some German bombers of the period.  The difference is that the Zeppelin bomb carrier is hinged.  

The  carrier was accompanied by a brass plaque  reading "Bomb Carrier from Zeppelin L.85 Brought Down By H.M.S. Agamemnon At Salonica May 5, 1916."  The length of the rack is 15 inches. To read more about the day of the fateful raid of L.85and the surprising events thereafter, read The Story of the Salonika Army by G. Ward Price.  The photos below showing impressions on the reverse of the carrier, reading "13267" and on the right an "S" with other indistinct writing.  In addition, one side of the carrier is stamped with the number "34."