Wylie Burke Saunders

Royal Air Force Commission stamped Temporary to Wylie Burke Saunders dated 15 February 1919.  It was not usual for commissions to be issued this soon after the war as so many experienced pilots were surplus to the RAF's needs. 

Britain declared war on Germany the 4th of August 1914 and a 25 year old mechanic named Wylie Burke Saunders volunteered for the Canadian Expeditionary Force by the 12th of August and his unit set sail for Europe on the 4th of October aboard the S.S. Ruthemia.  Saunders was born 6 November 1888 in Kingston, Nova Scotia.  His initial medical boards noted without further comment that he had a scar from a bullet wound 2 above his right ankle.  He joined the 17th Battalion of the Nova Scotia Regiment.  Initially a private, No. 46078, in the 1st C.M.G. Bde., on discharge he was an A/Sergt in the 1st Canada MM Gun Bde. He was appointed flight cadet effective 17 August 1918 in the Imperial Cadets Flight, though is records also show that he commenced the cadet course 17 March 1918.  His serial number in the RAF was 360550 with rank of Flight Cadet.