L.V.G. C-VI No. 4682/18 wing fabric 

This is a piece of upper surface 5 color lozenge fabric from an L.V.G C-VI before restoration on the left and afterwards on the right.  This is the aircraft which is being restored by Memorial Flight for Musee de l'air et de space at Le Bourget, Paris.  This piece was donated along with another from the same aircraft by Alain Vallet, to whom we are very grateful.  The location of this piece could be the top surface of the lower right wing, position 2a in the plan below.  It could also be from positions 2b or 2c, but 2a seems most likely.  Position 1 refers to another piece in this collection. 


The photo below shows the lower right wing under restoration with the cleaned-up fabric digitally laid on top of it.