L.V.G. C-VI aileron fabric

This is a piece of four color upper lozenge fabric from the left aileron of an LVG C.VI. as located on the drawing below.  The vertical black stripe along the right edge is the edge of the upper wing cross with a white border which is almost translucent these many years later.  Attempts at cleaning the layers of dust and oil on top of the dope were unsuccessful.  A very fine knife blade was used to very gently remove the dope from the fabric.  The aileron on the LVG C.VI was 217cm x 50cm or 84.6 x 19.5.  A total of 1,253 C.VI were ordered.  The number of these aircraft at the front was 173 at June 30, 1918 and 400 at August 31, 1918.