Les Cigognes (The Storks)

This is a print of a painting done in 1916 by Jean Moulignon of 'Les Cigognes,' The Storks, depicting six members of this famous French escadrille.  Moulignon was, himself, a member of the escadrille.  The caricatures from left to right are

  • Felix Brocard, commander of N3, with Helene the escadrille's stork mascot. Brocard survived the War and continued to lead the Storks in postwar France. Helene was retired in favor of a stuffed mascot and survived as a mascot into WWII

  • Georges Guynemer, France's most famous ace, who died on 11 Sept, 1917 with 53 confirmed victories

  • Rene "Pere" Dorme, died 25 May, 1917 with 23 confirmed victories

  • Alfred Heurteaux, wounded 2 Sept, 1917 and survived the War with 21 confirmed victories

  • Albert Deullin with his dog Parasol,  survived the War with 20 confirmed victories

  • Mathieu Tenant de la Tour, died 17 December, 1917 in an accident. He had 9 confirmed victories

Each caricature was signed by the team member. Information on the watercolor or lithograph was provided by Jon Guttman, author of Groupe de Combat 12 "Les Cigognes", a history of the renowned French escadrille and its colorful aviators. The print is water-stained and measures 13 1/2" high and 35 1/2" long on stiff paper.   The image above was taken through glass and therefore is not as high resolution as desired.  The actual print is more faded than this photo represents. 


The French Air & Space Museum's web site (http://www.mae.org/collec_1914b2.htm) depicts the original painting, shown below,  and describes it as so: A FRESQUE DES CIGOGNES, Jean de MOULIGNON, 1916, 63 cm x 173 cm, "Mobilisé en 1916 au sein de l’Escadrille n° 3 des Cigognes, Jean de Moulignon, peintre formé à l’école d’Edouard Detaille, réalise à la demande son commandant, le capitaine Brocard, une peinture représentant six as de l’Escadrille : suivant la cigogne, Brocard, Guynemer, Dorme, Heurtaux, Deullin, La Tour et la mascotte Parasol.