Signed Guynemer Lithograph

This is a lithograph measuring 12" wide x 16" high of a portrait of Georges Guynemer. It is numbered 328 of 430 (or possibly 930), it’s hard to tell from the lightly penciled notation. The print is dated 1916 Fev. and signed by the artist L. C. Breslau in the lower left hand corner; the artist’s signature is part of the print, itself, not original.  The photo on the right, above, is the complete piece, the lithograph plus the paper to which it is attached measuring 17" wide x 24" high. Below the print and written directly onto the backing paper is Guynemer's original signature on the left and the penciled 328 over 430 or 930.  On the right hand side is an image of the famous 'Stork' of the elite Groupe de Combat 12 dubbed "Les Cigognes" or "The Storks" and its use as shown on an aircraft below.

I put the print on a light box and noticed watermarks imprinted into the paper. Using Photoshop to bring them out I found that across the paper in block letters was watermarked “Armee Francaise” and several round watermarks, the clearest of which is this one; perhaps it is a printer’s watermark.  I think these were made to raise money for the war.   Another example of this print was item 4097 in Butterfield’s auction of The Norm Flayderman Collection of Vintage Memorabilia held on on November 14, 2000, and can be found on page 26 of the catalogue for that auction .