Fabric from a German Fdh. G.III Friedrichshafen Bomber

Night bomber pattern Lozenge fabric, doped, measuring 8" x 4"  and specifically attributed to a German Fdh. G.III Friedrichshafen Bomber from Bombengeschwader 5 / Bombenstaffel 6 which was shot down on the night of March 8, 1918, after a raid on Paris and crashed in the forest of Compiegne, France.  All three crewmen died.  The framed tag reads "Debris du Gotha qui, au retour du raid de Paris, a ete abretter in foret de Compiegne le 8 Mars 1918" and has a penciled number 4-654-2. A translation is written on back of the frame and reads "Debris of a Gotha bomber which, returning from a raid on Paris, was shot down in the Forest de Compiegne, the 8th March 1918." This item appears to have been in the same museum as the FDH. GIII wing spar elsewhere in this collection and from the same wreckage.  The fabric is printed in a night camouflage pattern, the front face of which is doped. The photograph on the right shows the rear surface; this photograph’s contrast has been increased to more easily depict the blue. The collection has an additional piece of the same fabric with stitching measuring 4” x 3”.