Documents pertaining to RAF 2nd Lieut. Louis Leon De Jean


Training Transfer Card

Correlation to history of Americans serving in RFC in Over The Front, Volume 12, No. 1

October 12, 1917

Attached RAF

one month at Long Branch ‘boot camp’


4 S.M.A.

4 S.M.A. is a six week course; ten courses, numbers 19-29, graduated Toronto in January-March, 1918, and went to Texas; De Jean must have been in course 19 or 20 as he left for Texas early in sequence.

January 7, 1918

arrives Texas

six weeks after October 21, 1917 incident, two of three RFC wings [42 & 43] pack up and move to Fort Worth; 44 wing remains; 43 at Benbrook had 5 training squadrons, including 84 and 86 CTS

cadets had 10 hours solo and 60 landings, then sent to 81 CTS for four tests

then one week at either 79 or 83 CTS, Benbrook

final stage School of Aerial Gunnery at Camp Hicks

each Wednesday a group left Ft. Hicks for Toronto where granted temporary commissions as 2nd Lieut.

two weeks leave; however, if had failed to acquire 50 hours, shipped to Leaside to make up

last train steams out of Texas April 14

April 15, 1918

arrives Leaside

RAF Canada in April-May, 1918, at Leaside were 43rd wing, 78, 83, 84 & 91 CTS doing artillery cooperation, except 84 CTS on primary training; it appears likely that De Jean was in 43rd wing and 84 CTS because while 42 and 43 wing went to Texas, only 43 was then at Leaside and it only had 84 and 86 CTS.

April 25, 1918

arrives Beamsville

on return April 17 to Camp Borden, SAF and attached squadrons moved to new site at Beamsville

RAF Canada April-May, 1918, School of Aerial Fighting, Squadrons 1 and 2, Beamsville

proceeding overseas

last major draft to UK left New York docks at 8:40 a.m. on June 28 with 90 Lieutenants on Justicia

June 22, 1918

arrives Eastbourne

August 2, 1918

graduated Category A

August 3rd, 1918, date of Royal Aero Club Aviators Certificate, No. 6982, lists born at Buffalo, NY, on 14 or 19 September 1893. Reverse of photograph in certificate has written in pencil his name and the number 22019 and is stamped MARTIN & SALLNOW. 16, PICCADILLY, W