Early Barograph Record from 
Albatros B.1. 810/14

This is a barograph reading from an early war flight. According to the prior owner, it was removed by him from the pilot's log book, which he had previously sold, and he adds "...the plane was an Albatros with serial #810/14. The pilot ("Schileknecht" as best I could make out on faded cover of the log) later served with Staffel 29 of K.G.O.H.L.5, flying on bomber raids against French positions." Penciled on the reverse of the barograph are the prior owner's notations from what he could make out from the logbook, indicating the reading was from July 20, 1915, and that the observer was a Ltn. Drum. I have found no record of either Drum or Schileknecht.  Dan-San Abbott indicates that serial 810/14 would mean Alb. B.1. 810/14 and that would have been ordered in August or September, 1914. Between  220 and 250 Albatros B.1. were delivered and all of them built by the Albatros factory in Johannisthal.  Known serial numbers were 209-216/13, 223-242/13, 86, 87, 127, 128, 521, 531, 535, 549, 766, 785-789, 798-855, 986-1005, 1014-1017, 1147, 1200.

The map below left illustrates the flight path shown in the barograph. 

 I visited the library of the University of Texas at Dallas in 2003 and found in an album two relevant photographs, reproduced here.  The one on the lower left is labeled by hand on the album page “Alb. 810/14 in Baden – vos. 1. Uberlandflug,” so this is, oindeed, the plane on which the barograph recording was made.  The photo in the lower  right is labeled “H.Schildknecht,” so this is the pilot, himself.    The plane behind him is not Alb. 810/14, at very high resolution you can see an L.V.G. metal plate just under the propeller and on top of the top cylinder the number “20393.” 

Other B.I aircraft in very close serial number order to 810/14 are shown in the Windsock Datafile 87, “Albatros B.I.”  On page 6 is Albatros B.I 820/14, page 9 shows Albatros B.I 848/14 and page 28 shows Albatros B.I 813/14