Logbook of two early balloons, 1909

This small logbook records various flights originating from Straßburg in 1909 carried out by two balloons, one named "Zeppelin" and the other "Graf v. Wedel,"  giving dates and times, elevations, ballast load and providing barograph height charts glued into the log pages.   Herr i.A. Jürgen Bleibler, Curator of the Zeppelin Museum Friedrichshafen GmbH kindly studied some of the pages of this logbook for and explains "the flight of the balloon "Zeppelin" on your logbook papers was made by Prof. Dr. Riesenfeld. Riesenfeld lived in Freiburg and was a member of the "Breisgau-Verein für Luftschiffahrt e.V." (founded 1.12.1908, 285 members, one balloon christened "X") and the "Oberrheinischer Verein für Luftschiffahrt at Straßburg (founded 24.7.1896, 515 members, three balloons with the names "Stadt Straßburg", "Graf von Wedel" and "Zeppelin". The airfield was Straßburg."

Jean-Pierre Lauwers advises that the Arnsbert Vorreiter Jahrbuch 1911 reports “the "Graf Zeppelin" free balloon made a flight of 50 hours from Dresden to Ahrensburg near Hamburg from 27th until 29th JANUARY (!) 1909! The pilot was OTTO KORN.”