Rear left half of seat rail from an Albatros D.V

This is the rear half of the pilot's left seat rail where it attaches to bulkhead station #8. The metal tube is 20mm in diameter. The bulkhead is 13.5mm thick comprised from front to rear of 2 pieces of 1.5mm plywood with laminated skin, three pieces of 3mm wood and one piece of 1.5mm plywood with laminated skin. Tan fabric is doubled over and attached to the bulkhead by nails, with a 4mm sewn hem at rail. The drawing on the left shows the metal rail assembly from the Albatros factory parts book Albatros Jagd Flugzeug, Typ. DIII. & V. The drawing on the right shows the wood bulkhead at station #8 and the color-shaded area indicates the location of the fabric.