Cabane Strut from an Albatros D.V

This is the left cabane strut of an Albatros D.V. attached to portions of the front and rear upper wing spars.   The bottom of the "V" strut attaches to the fuselage.  Also shown is the lower left wing spar where it attaches to the fuselage.   The rear spar attachment fitting has the original cable ends still attached.  On one of them I discovered a crimped factory inspection stamp, seen below.

Kolomon Mayerhofer kindly made me a metal fitting to attach the cabane strut to the fuselage.  If you haven't seen Kolomon's work, he has recently (2004) completed the construction of three extraordinarily accurate Austro-Hungarian Albatros D.IIIs.  Now we just need to get kolomon to build a web page to display them!