Piece of Bulkhead from
an Albatros D.V

This piece was acquired along with the Albatros wing spar, leg fitting and seat rail shown elsewhere in this collection. The noted Albatros expert, Bob Waugh, has kindly identified the location of this piece, as shown in the sketch on the right. This piece is the bottom portion of bulkhead number 5 where the Albatros rudder bar carrier attaches. The rudder and rudder carrier are shown in the drawing on the left from the Albatros factory parts book Albatros Jagd Flugzeug, Typ. DIII. & V. The arrow in the drawing points to the metal stiffener shown on the piece above. The bulkhead measures 18mm thick and is comprised of 1.5mm plywood with laminated skin, three pieces of 5mm wood and one piece of 1.5 plywood with laminated skin. The mustard color of the metal stiffener is identical to the color on the cross member spar end cap in the Albatros wing spar grouping; the paint may have been added postwar as there are no other examples of this color used in Albatros cockpit interiors. The reverse side of the bulkhead has a noticeable wax-like residue and an outline of where another triangular metal piece once was attached.

The locations of these various pieces can be located in the renderings below.  Note that the undercarriage leg is actually from the other side of the aircraft.  This 3 dimensional model was created by Mark Miller.